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  • 552 rue de Montsauve 30140 Générargues

Not to be missed! Unique in Europe! You will be transported to a bamboo forest… right across from Le Castel Rose!

The Bambouseraie of Prafrance (also known as the Bambouseraie of Anduze) is a botanical garden located in Générargues in the Gard.

Unique in Europe and particularly famous for its bamboo forest, the estate, covering 34 hectares (the park, the only part open to the public, covers 15 hectares) is located 11 km southwest of Alès and 2 km north of Anduze. It contains bamboo planted starting in 1856 by Eugene Mazel. It is a park open to the public, which includes:

  • a forest of giant bamboo
  • the bambousarium: a selection of the various species of bamboo present on the site
  • a Japanese garden
  • a labyrinth
  • a Laotian village
  • Dragon Valley: this Japanese garden created in 2000 (year of the Dragon), covers 15,000 m² and is based on the principles of Feng Shui
  • greenhouses built in 1860 by Eugène Mazel
  • a flower garden
  • a water garden

Bamboo thrives in this very favorable climate, forming a real jungle. The park has been the setting for several films, including The Wages of Fear, based on the novel by Georges Arnaud, and Paul and Virginia.

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Website: la bambouseraie